Help Save Water California

California, it’s time to adopt a new habit. One of our most important resources is in trouble, and we need to do everything we can to protect it today and into the future.
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San Diego moving ahead with Toilet to Tap Plan

Is Toilet Water Safe?

San Diego City has voted to move ahead with the plan to recycle waste water from homes in an effort to greatly reduce our dependence on expensive imported water.
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Healthy Cooking Tips – Boil Cold Water

Great Healthy Cooking Tips – Use Cold Water

So you decided to make your favorite soup, using the finest, freshest ingredients, and your following all your healthy cooking tips without giving it a second thought to using hot tap water.
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Report: Calif. nitrate contamination spreading

Nitrate contamination of drinking water is a pervasive problem in California’s agricultural heartland and is bound to intensify in the coming years, according to a University of California, Davis study released Tuesday.
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